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viernes, agosto 18, 2017

The BMW Concept Z4 (2017).

Have a look at the BMW Concept Z4: Dynamic, progressive and an irresistible purveyor of thrills. The new direction taken by BMW’s design language can be seen here in just a few precise lines that form clear surfaces, while the body’s volumes are powerfully sculpted. The surfaces and forms therefore create an extremely modern and emotionally engaging impression. The sporty and progressive BMW Concept Z4 encapsulates the BMW Group’s vision of a modern roadster and offers a look ahead to the series-production version of the car set to be unveiled over the course of next year.


TWO CONTINENTS – ONE FASCINATION. In April and May of 2017 the BMW M GmbH welcomed guests from Asia and Europe to the BMW M Experience. The guests dived into the world of BMW M for 1.5 days. Adrenaline-filled experience on the race track of the BMW Driving Center in Seoul and on the legendary Brands Hatch Circuit in London let every heart beat faster.

viernes, agosto 11, 2017

USDOTFHWA // Colorado Analysis Quantifies Safety Performance

Several challenges can arise during environmental review and permitting of transportation projects, leading to project delay or halting the project altogether. Integrating the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and permitting processes allows the various environmental reviews and permitting procedures to be performed concurrently, saving time and cost for the agencies involved.

EDC News 2016
August 10, 2017
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Innovation of the Month:

Integrating NEPA and Permitting

Integrating National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and permitting allows the various environmental reviews and permitting procedures required for Federal-Aid Highway Program projects to be performed at the same time rather than sequentially.
The resulting synchronization can help transportation agencies shorten project delivery time, increase efficiency, save resources, and produce better environmental outcomes:
  • Integrating NEPA and permitting processes reduces the time and complexity of project development while ensuring projects receive appropriate coordinated review.
  • Synchronization improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the project development, mitigation, and decision-making process.
  • A synchronized review process reduces duplicative efforts, leading to time and cost savings.
NEPA and Permitting Spotlight
Integration of NEPA and permitting processes is not just for use on large projects. This flexible, scalable approach can also be applied at the program level, to small projects, or to parts of large projects.
View an Innovation Spotlight video on integrating NEPA and permitting.

Colorado Uses Analysis to Quantify Safety Performance

Before proceeding with a project to remove a 2-mile bottleneck on I-225 by restriping the road, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) wanted to know how the project would affect the I-225 and downstream I-25 corridors. The Every Day Counts (EDC) data-driven safety analysis (DDSA) team worked with CDOT on a predictive analysis using the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM), software analysis tools that support DDSA, to quantify the potential change in safety performance. For information on using IHSDM for DDSA, contact Jerry Roche of the FHWA Office of Safety or John McFadden of the FHWA Resource Center.

South Carolina Explores Community Connections

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is pursuing the EDC community connections initiative by considering new ways to accomplish transportation improvements. FHWA staff delivered a workshop on performance-based practical designthat challenged participants to think beyond cost-based choices on projects and use performance data to make informed decisions in balance with community needs. The workshop showcased results of implementing practical design to improve safety and operations on Arizona State Route 264Kansas State Route K-177, and Minnesota Highway 10. Contact Robert Mooney of the FHWA Office of Infrastructure to bring a workshop to your State.

Road Diets Increase Business in Retail Shops

Business owners cite road diets as a reason for increased business in their retail shops, according to a New Jersey video that highlights the effect of roadway reconfiguration on commercial growth. The video is one of the technical assistance materials FHWA provided to Bike Walk RVA, a Virginia program that supports bike- and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, to introduce potential road diet projects to Richmond residents and business owners. Other resources on how road diets can improve an area’s economic vitality and livability include Road Diet Economic ImpactsDebunking Road Diet Myths, and Road Diet Case Studies. For technical assistance on bringing road diets to your area, contact Becky Crowe of the FHWA Office of Safety.

jueves, agosto 03, 2017

BMW M xDrive Jumping Jack

When Jumping Jack puts on his racing suit, the innovative M xDrive drivetrain system of the all-new BMW M5 allows complete control over driving dynamics and traction. More at: https://BMW-M.com/BMW-M5-MxDrive.
BMW M5 – Fuel consumption (combined): 10.5 l/100 km; CO2 emissions (combined): 241 g/km. Further information: http://m-power.com/disclaimer/.


viernes, mayo 19, 2017

AIADA's First Up // Toyota, Honda Again 1-2 in North American Supplier Relations

American International Automobile Dealers
First Up: The Daily Source for Automobile Industry News
May 16, 2017
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Trump Aides Try to Steer Tax Reform on Capitol Hill 
Top administration officials are headed to Capitol Hill Wednesday to talk about tax reform with a group of moderate House Republicans, reports CNN MoneyWhite House National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin plan to meet with the Tuesday Group ahead of the first major tax reform hearing scheduled for Thursday, according to two sources familiar with the matter. The Tuesday Group, a collection of about 50 moderate and centrist lawmakers inside the Republican conference, grew increasingly important during the debate over the GOP efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Several of the group's members are on the House Ways and Means Committee, the tax writing panel that will hold the first major tax reform hearing on Thursday. For the latest on congressional efforts to pass tax reform legislation this year, click here.
Toyota, Honda Again 1-2 in North American Supplier Relations 
Toyota Motor Corp and Honda Motor Co maintained their longstanding first and second rankings in a study which looked at the six biggest automakers in North America and their relationships with suppliers. The study is closely watched in the industry, reportsWardsAuto. Nissan Motor Co has fallen behind its top North American competitors in the health of its working relationships with suppliers while General Motors Co jumped to third place in rankings released on Monday. Automakers' profitability is directly linked to good working relations with their suppliers, said study author John Henke, head of Planning Perspectives Inc, a firm that focuses on company-supplier relations. Since the study began in 2002, Toyota has been first and Honda second on the study's OEM-Supplier Working Relations Index except for two years when the two automakers swapped the two top spots. For more on which brands have the best supplier relations, click here.
Trump Road Plan Would Rely Largely on Private Funding
President Donald Trump administration's proposal for a $1 trillion bill to improve the quality of the nation's roads and highways will be paid for mostly by private funding that will be stimulated by $200 billion in federal spending, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced Monday. According to The Detroit News, speaking at an event in Washington, Chao said the transportation bill will include $200 billion in federal spending that will "be used to leverage $1 trillion in infrastructure investment over the next 10 years." The remainder of the money would come from private companies that would enter into partnerships with local and state governments to provide financing that is necessary to complete expensive construction projects in exchange for revenue that would be generated by things such as road tolls or rail fares. For more on President Trump's road and highway plan, click here.
Auto Marketers Call for Less Car, More Heart 
Car ads tend to stick with a familiar formula: lots of sheet metal, beautiful scenery, maybe a mention of the various awards the vehicle has won. There's not much there to stir up a viewer's emotions. While the spots get their points across, automakers will need to do more if they want their brands to resonate with consumers on a personal level. According to Automotive News, that was the consistent theme from speakers at the Automotive News Marketing 360 event in Los Angeles last week. In separate presentations, executives from Honda, Hyundai and Nissan explained how they're breaking the shackles of traditional car commercials in favor of content with a human touch. All three brands sought to appeal to viewer emotions recently during high-profile sporting events with huge audiences. For more, click here.
The Cars That Owners Can't Bear to Part With 
Americans now keep their trusted vehicles for a record average 7.3 years, due largely to a combination of economic factors and the greater longevity of today's cars and trucks. But, reports Forbes, that's nothing compared to vehicles with which their owners tend to have really long, and we'd have to assume eminently arduous, relationships. The model that tops the charts in that regard is the big, boxy, and eminently off-road capable Toyota Land Cruiser SUV, which its obviously contented owners keep for an average 10.6 years at a stretch, according to the used-car shopping site iSeeCars.com. That's based on an analysis of over 15.7 million vehicles sold by their original purchasers between Jan. 1, 2013 and Dec. 31, 2016. With the exception of one lone sedan – the full-size Toyota Avalon – the top 10 vehicles having the longest terms of ownership are about evenly divided between low-slung sports cars and burly truck-based SUVs, all models that represent fun and adventure. Click here to find out which vehicles owners keep the longest.
Is Risk Management Worth It? 
You buy insurance to help pay for a claim's direct costs, like property damage and medical and legal expenses. But, who pays for the hidden costs, such as those from hiring and training a new employee, lost productivity, and higher insurance premiums resulting from higher experience ratings? You!
Federated Insurance clients repeatedly echo four key points of effective risk management programs they use to help prevent claims.
  1. It starts at the top. Without management's buy-in, it may be difficult to promote a safety mentality.
  2. Empower employees with the knowledge and incentive to "own" a risk management culture.
  3. Take control. Many claims are preventable. Create and enforce policies related to safety, conduct, and hiring.
  4. It has a financial impact. A claim's "hidden" expenses can quickly add up.
It may be tempting to dismiss risk management. That could be a costly decision. Successful auto dealers agree: A risk management culture can have a significant, positive financial impact.
Federated Insurance can help AIADA members target their unique risk management needs. For questions or more information, visit federatedinsurance.com or contact your local Federated representative.

jueves, mayo 18, 2017

BMW // Race driver Timo Glock drives the new BMW M5 for the first time.

BMW works driver Timo Glock sits behind the wheel of the all-new BMW M5 with M xDrive for the first time and gets to experience the driving dynamics enabled by the new rear-biased all-wheel drive system and the sound of the V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology in various driving modes. More at https://bmw-m.com/BMW-M5-MxDrive

viernes, abril 28, 2017

The all-new BMW M4 CS - the art of dynamic supremacy.

NHTSA / You have one job... #JustDrive

In 2015, distracted driving claimed 3,477 lives, and 391,000 more were injured. During daylight hours approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones while driving, which creates enormous potential for deaths and injuries on America's roadways. Teens were the largest age group reported as distracted at the time of fatal crashes. We'd like to encourage you to continually talk to teens, and everyone else, to spread the message that distracted driving is dangerous, in all forms, whether it be texting, eating, or even reading social media, and must be stopped. You might be asking yourself at this point, "What can we do to ensure drivers are safe on America's roadways?"
Well, that's exactly what we'd hope you would say... We're hosting a Tweet Up on April 28 to spread the message of the dangers of distracted driving and we'd like you to help by spreading it to your friends, family, and followers. By constantly reminding drivers to put down their phones and #JustDrive, we reduce the risks associated with distracted driving. Won't you join us in our fight for safer roadways? 
Who: NHTSA and You!
What: #JustDrive Tweet Up
When: Friday, April 28, 2017, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. ET  
How: Follow the conversation using the hashtag #JustDrive. Feel free to mention @NHTSAgov in any of your tweets and we will return as many questions and comments as we can! 

Follow NHTSA on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest recalls and safety campaigns.
Distracted Driving
Visit us at NHTSA.gov for more information on distracted driving prevention.

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